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"I am very happy with my new Vaunt weight belt - it is super supportive and gives me the confidence to lift the weight I was too scared to previously. My weight training is progressing where it had plateaued and my gains are EPIC! Would definitely recommend to my fellow lifters (beginners through to advanced) to grab one! And the price is seriously competitive!"

Jocelyn - WA, Australia


"I've used my belt a few times now. It's super comfy and light enough to keep on your body during Crossfit activities like box jumps where you can loosen it and then tighten back up for lifts. Great pattern, puts the 'fun' into 'functional' - easy to spot mine in the gym :) Be great if you can make some that are AWF compliant (10cm width) so we can keep using them throughout our comps."

Sue - NSW, Australia


"Such good support on these weight lifting belts! The sizing is perfect and the velcro holds the waist in nice and tight whilst doing heavy lifts! I love the super cute designs (especially the pizza one) and it's so easy to use; no time wasted putting it on and taking it off and it also stores so well in my gym bag! Been using it on heavy deadlifts and squats and I haven't gone a day at the gym without it! It's perfect."

Stephanie - NSW, Australia


“I started using the belt about a couple of months ago. I have tried a couple of different standard belts before but never felt comfortable lifting with them. The difference I found with the Vaunt belt is the nice thick width. I also found the material soft and able to mould and move with your body from the first wear, yet still provide great tension and the Velcro is super strong! I have found a massive difference when I don’t use the belt as well in my form and core stability, and have been smashing PBs every week since using it. Highly recommended…and I love the cute patterns!”

Kim – VIC, Australia


"About five months ago i was given a Vaunt weight lifting belt to try during a cross fit competition i loved it as soon as i put it on.Light and comfortable to wear fits snug around your back with very good support where you need it.. I don't go to the gym with out it!! fantastic unique patterns."

Tracie – NSW, Australia


"I was lucky enough to win one of these funky belts in the naming competition. Not only is it one of the most comfortable supportive belts i have used but also the prettiest :) Easy to take on and off, or to even loosen to leave on between lifts. Think I will buying one of each pattern! So many compliment's every time i wear it. Thanks, I love it :)"

Taryn - NSW, Australia


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