Fitness. There’s no one-size fits all approach.

Fitness. There’s no one-size fits all approach.

How many times have you heard a fellow fitness enthusiast discredit an alternative fitness discipline for seemingly no reason at all?

“Screw cardio, I’d rather enjoy myself”

“You’ll never gain muscle doing CrossFit”

“That kind of training isn’t functional. Powerlifting is all ego”

“Bodybuilding is just vanity, they aren’t athletes”

Undoubtedly, a majority of us have a preferred method of training. There’s no reason you can’t stick to one type of training and see fantastic results. Indeed, you don’t need to enjoy running or overhead squatting or one rep max testing in order to be fit. That’s the beautiful thing about fitness. There’s no one-size fits all approach.

That being said, all to often we see men and women alike discrediting alternative methods or interests. Why though?

If you love following a bodybuilding split, that’s fantastic. Does it mean that CrossFit is useless? No. It might just not be for you.

If you’re crazy for kipping, double unders and HSPUs and your heart races for a tough WOD, that’s beautiful. It doesn’t mean that those who want to smash a powerlifting competition are doing things the wrong way though.

You see, we’re all kind of on the same mission here.

Regardless of what gets your blood pumping, it’s important to remember that we are all driven by the same desire, we all experience the same rush, the same release. There’s no one superior way. In fact, regardless of which discipline you choose, it would be great to realise that we are all united by the same drive.

So let’s stop with the insulting, the fitness bashing and the disagreement and get down with our bad selves, realising that we are all working hard regardless of what we choose.