Things we’ve learnt working with strong women

Things we’ve learnt working with strong women


If you jump on Instagram, you’ll find over 10 million posts tagged #girlswholift. You’ll find another 1.6 million tagged #girlswithmuscle and you don’t have to search far to find a woman lifting some seriously heavy weight. 

It’s the rise of the female lifting army and strong is undoubtedly the new sexy.

At VAUNT Lifting we couldn’t be more excited about the rise in women who are belting up and unracking a barbell heavier than their own body weight, to hit a few sets for reps.

We create equipment especially for #strongwomen and we support the rise in women hitting the weights floor by creating the things they need to go harder than ever before.

Aside from being downright badass here are some of the reasons we think women who lift are awesome.


Girls understand the need for prints and colour

Lifting a heavy weight is made 31% easier when your lifting gear is on point. It’s science. VAUNT lifting belts are made with this in mind. If your belt has pizzas on it, it makes you feel amazing. Fit women understand.


Girls aren’t afraid of leg day

We don’t know many girls who aren’t up for a 3-hour marathon leg day. Girls have been annihilating their quads, obliterating their hamstrings and destroying their glutes forever. Meanwhile, many leg-day-fearing guys are hoping that leg extensions and a few reps on the leg press is enough to be classed as “training legs”.


They’ll sweat it out in a coordinated outfit

Fit women will grunt and scream and keep going until they collapse and they’ll do it all in the cutest tights and top combination you’ve ever seen.


Fit women aren’t afraid to break the mould

They’ve heard it all before “don’t get too big”, “guys don’t want a girl who’s stronger than him”, “lifting like that will make you bulky”. It may get under their skin but let’s face it, fit women aren’t training for you, they’re training for them. They’ve acknowledged societies mould for a “perfect female body” and they’ve chosen to shatter it. Because frankly, doing things differently is what life is all about.


Discipline is their middle name

Let’s not overlook the fact that being fit and strong isn’t a walk in the park. These women know what sacrifice is, they know how to set their sights on a goal and they aren’t afraid of hard work. We love working closely with women who are determined to achieve greater physical achievements because their discipline is unwavering.


Are you part of the female lifting squad? Arm yourself with one of our belts to take your weight training next level.